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Shape Software - Installing Linux Versions

Shape Software programs are not open-source, so installing them starting from compilation is not possible.  This can lead to some compatibility problems with shared libraries, but perhaps not more so than other Linux installations.


The example used is "ATOMS64", but you may be installing a different version.  First, move the ATOMS64.tar.gz installation file to a suitable directory and unpack it.


From a terminal window type


    tar xzvf atoms64.tar.gz


Capitalization of the filename may vary - you must type the exact name.  Now you will have a subdirectory ATOMS64. Change to this directory. 


Now try to run the executable or program file wxAtoms in the terminal window:




It this runs with no error messages, you have succeeded.  You can also try to run wxAtoms from the desktop by double-clicking on the file name or icon, but if it fails to start there will be no error messages - you must run from a terminal window to see the error messages.


This version is linked with versions of the shared libraries which are known to be compatible, that is it will try to find shared library links of the type "" where 3 is the specific major library version. 


If the program does not start, or if you have serious error messages, you can see all of the shared libraries which the program is trying to find with the command


    ldd wxAtoms


If there are messages indicating that some library or libraries cannot be found, there are two options.  First (preferred) you can install the requested library version(s) on your system.  The first option may be to use a software package installer, which can go by several different name.  You can search for the library name, omitting the .so and additional extensions - for example "libpng12".  If your software installier does not find the package, there are many sources for such packages or libraries, especially the GNU site ( - hopefully a search on the wwweb will find the library.  If your system is very old, you may need to update libsdtc++ or possibly libc.  If these libraries are missing or out of date you will get messages saying that versions of  "GLIBCXX" or "GLIBC"  are not present.  

Second, you can make a dummy link - if the program can't find "", make a link to, the library which is actually on your system, and call it "".  This is not guaranteed to work because even if the program starts there may be incompatibilities between the shared libraries and/or the compiled program code.

Shape Software programs are 32-bit. If you have a 64-bit Linux system, you may need to install the ia32-libs package to be able to run 32-bit programs.




Linux versions all use the GTK environment (Intel x86 processor).  

ATOMS and SHAPE now have the Mesa OpenGL libraries statically linked, so it is not necessary to have these libraries in your system.


The wxWindows library is statically linked, so this is not required to be present on your system.                                                                                                                              


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